APC-PISYS is an innovative concept for converting ocean wave energy, based on the multiple capture of the potential, kinetic and pressure energy present in sea waves. Therefore, it can be defined as a system of multiple capture and supplemented transformation of ocean wave energy.

Main project objectives - Welcome:

Marine technological demonstration of the APC-PISYS system
Application of this technology to oceanographic buoys.

Principal characteristics

APC-PISYS is a wave energy converter, designed by PIPO Sistemas SL. that can be divided into the following main parts:

Surface buoys
Submerged buoy of variable volume
Positioning buoy
Mechanical transmission system
Anchorage and mooring systems

Two sections are operated (Surface buoy - Yellow / Submerged buoy of variable volume - Red). Both buoys are joined by hawsers, that are tautened by buoyancy forces from a windlass. Using this windlass the linear movements are converted into rotational movements, which finally are converted in one direction only.
The buoys always move in opposite directions, simultaneously increasing their strength and the distance travelled.
The third buoy (green) keeps a constant depth by means of its mooring on the seabed. In this positioning buoy the systems for control, generation and measurement of the power are enclosed.
The oceanographic measurement systems are situated a chamber in the interior of the superficial buoy and have specific external supports.